Spring 2017


February 27

  • SETE Ops sends department contacts a spreadsheet with all department course sections, instructors and the SETE status of each course (e.g. Exempt, Evaluated, Not Evaluated). Department contacts review spreadsheet and return to SETE team with any status changes.
  • Departments Communicate Exemptions to Course Evaluation Process - At the discretion of the chair, departments submit a list of courses that are not to be evaluated, such as select supervisory or independent study courses.
  • Departments and Colleges Submit Additional Question Items - Colleges and departments submit any additional question items, beyond the six core university items, that they would like added to the Student Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness form. Colleges and departments are encouraged to add open-ended questions if they would like qualitative feedback from their students.
  • Departments Verify Instructors of Record in CS - Departments verify the instructors of record listed in the CS database are accurate, so that the appropriate instructor(s) are evaluated.
  • Departments Confirm Official Department Contacts (AOCs & Chair) - Departments confirm the official administrative contact person who will assist with the technical implementation of SETE for their department.


March 10

  • Deadline for departments to return course status spreadsheet to SETE Ops.
  • Deadline for departments to submit new courses to be reviewed for exemption status
  • Deadline for departments to submit additional question items to be included in their department evaluations


April 24

  • Withdrawal deadline - Instructors must enter WUs or NCs into the Gateway by 5pm in order for those students to not be included in SETE


May 2

  • Teaching Evaluation Period Opens - Students are provided links to student evaluations for each of their classes in an email delivered to their SFSU email accounts and also on their iLearn home page after they log in.

May 8

  • Faculty Receive Response Rate Update - Faculty members will receive an email indicating the current response rate for their course(s) and tips on how to encourage students to complete their teaching evaluations.

May 9 & 16

  • Students Receive Reminder - Students who have not completed all evaluations are sent a reminder email to their SFSU email accounts. Students who have completed all evaluations will NOT receive a reminder.

May 16

  • Teaching Evaluation Period Closes - At 11:59pm, students will no longer be able to submit evaluations.

May 17

  • University Review Day

May 18 - 24

  • Final exams administered


June 3

  • Grades are released to students - All students will be able to see their grades in the Student Center Gateway.

June 12

  • Evaluations made available to faculty and department contacts in SETE Reports Portal - An email will be sent to faculty and department contacts with a link to the SETE Reports Portal and how they can access evaluations.