Students: During the SETE period, grades are hidden in the student center. Students will be able to see grades in the student center after the SETE period ends.

SF State uses a web-based system for Student Evaluations of Teaching Effectiveness (SETE).

  • It’s accessible and convenient. Students have anytime, anywhere access to their teaching evaluations and can complete them from computers and mobile devices during the evaluation period.
  • It’s cost-efficient and green. Every year, the campus saves up to $250,000 in paper and processing costs and lowers our carbon footprint by about 18,000 pounds!
  • It provides a voice to students in all classes. Students in online and face-to-face can provide an official student evaluation of teaching effectiveness.

Accessing SETE reports

Faculty and department contacts can access the SETE reports portal at The portal will contain past reports dating back to Fall 2013 when the web-based SETE system was first established on campus.

We recommend reviewing the SETE reports portal guide and FAQs before accessing the portal.

Academic Technology supports the technical implementation of the Academic Senate policy. If you have specific questions that are not included on this SETE Information site, please contact: or (415) 405-5555.