Student Guide

The SETE period is generally the two weeks prior to finals week during Fall and Spring semesters.

Accessing your evaluations

Students can access evaluations in one of two ways.

First way: Email

At the beginning of the SETE period, students will receive one email to their SF State email per course that has an evaluation available with a direct link to the evaluation to that course. Two additional reminder emails are sent during the SETE period if the evaluation hasn't been completed.

Email showing instructions for filling out the evaluation

Second Way - Link within Canvas

Students can click on the link labelled Teaching Evaluations (SETE) found in the course navigation within each course in Canvas. Clicking on this link will show all active evaluations, not just the one for that specific class.

The Canvas integration shows a list of courses to be evaluated

Filling out the survey

After clicking the link to the survey, verify that you are reviewing the course and instructor you think you're reviewing. Courses with multiple instructors will have one evaluation per instructor of record.

Carefully note the survey scale. Left side is generally more positive; right side is generally more negative.

Header of survey showing instructor name and course name